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Resistance stretching strengthens the muscles

Resistance Stretch For Legs & Arms

Improve Muscle Tone For Arms & Legs

Tools to manage pain

Lower Back Pain?... Your DIY Treatment

What's causing my lower back pain?? This can be two-fold...solution could be in the legs. The foam roller could be your own personal massage therapist. The perfect way to increase blood & oxygen flow to painful areas of the body, reducing pain.

Moist Heat For Pain Relief

There are two types of heat, moist & dry. Moist heat penetrates to deep layers of muscles faster to the root of the pain. There is also reduced chance of skin irritation since moisture helps to increase tissue elasticity. Do not use heat therapy when skin is bruised, swollen or hot to touch.

Massage Trigger Point Tool

A trigger point is a tender or painful area in a muscle when touched, sometimes refer pain to another area. It can be released with direct compression to the area and then stretching. This tool is specifically designed with trigger point in mind.

Reflexology Accupressure Slippers

These Are Not Only Beautiful, They Are good for health 

Simple DIY Activities That Can Improve Your Health

Dry Body Brushing

Start Engaging In This Simple Activity & Watch Your Overall Health Improve!! Increase circulation & lymph flow, Stimulate nerve endings, exfoliates, sheds dead skin, leaving you more energized.

Cupping Therapy

Traditionally, cupping therapy was used to increase circulation and lymph flow, subsequently releasing toxins and cellular debris. Now It is the go-to for a complete head-to-toe rejuvenation, including the reduction of chest congestion and inflammation.


Menthol Crystal

Menthol Crystal exhibits effective antispasmodic properties that help relax muscles. Many COPD patients have benefited from its lung cleansing properties. 

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